Monday, October 30, 2006

The Sharon Tate murders/autopsy

The Manson murders as they are called, was the biggest story of the '60's. Roman Polanki's wife, Sharon Tate and a few friends were brutally murdered in a home they had rented from agent Rudy Altobelli.

It was alleged that Doris Day's son, Terry Melcher, had been living there and Charles was mad because he reneged on a record deal with him. The so called Manson family, allegedly went there to rough him up, unaware that the premises had been rented by Polanski. Somehow things went crazy with the drugged induced family and they murdered everyone there. Charles Manson was not there the night of the murders.

The murders have gone down in history as one of the most violent murders ever committed. The name Charles Manson is known around the world. But, he was never on the premises that night. Yet, he was convicted of the killings. The trial was a media circus and Manson played it to the hilt, never believing he would be found guilty, by association, of the family members who did murder several persons that fateful evening. Many books have been written and movies made of the killings. Charles Manson is now as famous as Jesse James. A celebrity until he dies and then he will still be remembered for many years to come. DNA cannot free him, as with many other incarcerated prisoners who have been freed, because he was never there to start with. ONLY ONE PAGE OF HER AUTOPSY IS SHOWN IN THE BOOK

( Christopher Jones...I loved him.